Wednesday at the ZOO

Dear Papa,

Today, Momma took me to the zoo for the very first time! Nana was there and Aunt Catherine and Savannie and Buddy and Aunt Halina and Matthew and Sarah. Momma took my picture with them! Momma was the lady standing behind the camera. She was thinking about Papa… :)


Here are my cousins Matthew and Sarah. They are SUCH FUN!


Here I am at the SNAKES!!!! It was AMAZING. Of course, I didn’t exactly SEE them cause I was getting a little “shut eye” :)


Here I am with my Nana!!!


Nana let me lay on her knee. :) It was SO MUCH FUN! I looked up – and THERE WAS MOMMA taking my picture!!!


Here are Aunt Catherine, Buddy and Savannie! They say that if you go up high where they were you could see AFRICAN ANIMALS!!!!! But, Papa, I stayed where it was safe and at ground level – with MOMMA! :)


Here’s my MOMMA with Savannah!!!!!


We all went to the playground and took a break! Momma gave me a YUMMY lunch!


After she gave me my yummy lunch, I got to sit with Aunt Halina! And while I was sitting with her, Momma had a spearmint snow cone that Aunt Halina treated her to. I was such a gentleman, Papa, that I didn’t even ask Momma for a bite. :)


Here’s me and Momma at the Train Depot! Aunt Catherine, Savannie, Caleb, Aunt Halina, Matthew, and Sarah all went for a train ride. But I didnt’ go. I was sleeping. Lunch filled me up :)


Oh, and PAPA!!! There was a HuuuuuuuuuGE giraffe! I didn’t exactly SEE the giraffe though – You see, I was busy just “kickin’ back” (sleepin’) in my stroller. Did you see, Papa, that I said “kickin’ back”? I learned that phrase from YOU!!!


Here I am UP CLOSE at the giraffe :)


AND you know what, Papa??? IT RAINED!!!!!!!!!!! But Momma kept me safe and dry under a little roof! She covered my stroller with a blanket. The only part of me that didn’t make it under the blanket tent was MY FEETS!!!


See my FEET, Papa?? :) I bet they were REAL stinky!!! :)


Trust me, Papa…The whole time I was sleeping I was dreaming of YOU! And while I was covered from the rain, I was THINKING of you!

Momma and I are SOOOOOO looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!!!

I love you, Papa, with all my heart! And just between you and me, Momma loves you TONS!!!!!!!!


Izzy :)

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