Nov 4
Appaloosa World Championship Show!
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What a treat it was to travel to Ft. Worth to support our sweet great niece Markaya at the Appaloosa World Championship Show! She performed beautifully! Izzy and Lilly loved it!!! Here are some pics!







Nov 4
Long Time No Post
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Must get back into posting. must. MUST! No catching up allowed :)

Apr 15
The View on my Lap :)
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Apr 5
They said, “I do” then They DID.
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Today I am the wealthiest girl in the world. On April 5, 1974, my mom and dad said, “I do, For always.” And they have kept that promise in good times and bad, sickness and health, richer or poorer. Greg and my marriage is what it is today because of their example of Christlikeness in marriage and as individuals. They are the world’s MOST AMAZING PawPaw and Nana. Mom and Dad, we ALL see JESUS in you. And because of YOU, we all love HIM more today. Thank you for your LIVES, laid down for us, and all for HIM. We love you.

Mar 20
Me and My Girl…
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Hey BabyGirl! I get to be your Momma!! :)

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