Finally Back Home

What a precious gift it was to bring our little Israel home! I [Sarah] was so overwhelmed by bringing our son into our house, that I cried and hugged my mom. :) What a joy it was also to introduce our Izzy (Israel’s nickname) to his cousins Savannah and Caleb! We’ve been home for almost 2 weeks now. Israel is doing GREAT. He’s already gained back his birth weight plus some. He’s sleeping and nursing well. His mom and dad are blessed beyond measure!!!

Savannah and Caleb meet their new cousin! It is so sweet watching them with our new little guy. Savannah loves him SO much and is so tender and gentle with him. She says that he wants to play. :)



Cousin Caleb giving Baby Izzy a snuggle :)


Sweet Israel pointing to his favorite PawPaw :) …


Our little man :)


Greg and Israel! Izzy is wearing his first camo outfit that Uncle Chris and Aunt Catherine got him! The moosehead slippers came from cousin Britney and Mike! Cute stuff!!!!! :)


Israel’s Nana (my mom) has been staying with us – she’ll be with us for a total of about a 2 and a half weeks. Greg and I are praising the Lord for her love and sacrifice in ministering to our new little family! She has cooked and cleaned and advised and let me take naps and been ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!! Love you, Momma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Our sleeping Israel. He is bring such delight to our home! Praise the Lord for such a precious gift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love you, Israel Jude!

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