Last year at Children’s Institutes, we reintroduced the “Gift for God” craft. This was a simple little craft – only a small gift box, a bow, a tag, and strips of paper inside. Simple – yet the lesson it taught is deep. The children were encouraged to write on pieces of paper those things [rights] that they needed to yield to the Lord. As they yielded those to the Lord, the little strips could be put into the gift boxes and then given to the Lord in prayer.

Everything that I have and am is a gift from God. The greatest gift the Father has given was the life of His Son. Having been created for His glory, I am created to be HIS. The greatest joys and truest peace of life will come not through hanging on to my life, but through yielding it to the Father. Then I find myself right where I was created to be.

Well, this Sarah Perkins has given her life to the Lord. I am His own.

To me, one of the profound aspects of this craft is that the lid on the gift box is never sealed. Whenever you discover another something that needs to be yielded to the Lord, there the box is – ready to be opened, ready to add another “right.” Interesting thing about me though is that my box would contain not just one paper that says “life” or “desires” or any number of other things. My box would contain certain identical papers a thousand times – as over and over I come back to the Lord and say, “Father, here I am again. Here is my life. Here are my desires. Here is ‘me’.”

Amazingly, Father never slams shut the lid to that box and says, “No more!!” He only receives. And then receives again. And then blesses. He is so patient with me.

Regardless of all that is in my heart and head, my greatest desire is to be WHOLLY His. To be so satisfied in Christ that the pleasures of this world and of my flesh, have no power to attract or distract. He is working that in me. And as hard as it may be at times, I pray that He keeps working [I know He will]. It is good.

Psalm 103:1 says, “Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless His holy name.”

Emotions…Bless the Lord

Heart…Bless the Lord

Desires…Bless the Lord

Actions…Bless the Lord

Mind…Bless the Lord

ALL that is within me.

and….. I am home again. :) Here’s me and my lovely sis. Moving is hard work :P


But the rewards are s-w-e-e-t! :)


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  1. Josh Wychopen Says:

    Sweet shoes!

  2. Mellie-Malloo Says:

    Sweet PEOPLE!!!!!!!! :)

    I miss Cat!! I’m So glad y’all got to help her move, and get set up!!! BUT…it’s great to have you home, and just a click away on my screen!! :)

  3. Whitney Says:

    ah, i remember that craft. ;) I even still have mine from when I was a kid because everytime I think about it, the lesson is new. it’s not one of those things that you learn once andyour good, it’s a continual process. Thanks for that reminder. :) ttyl,

    Whitney :)

  4. Me :-) Says:

    Oh dear! Joshua, you need to post a pic of your shoes so that I can comment on them! This is too funny! I have a new comment on my xanga mentioning my shoes too! Dear me….I think I need a new tag on that photo that points out the feet propped on the coffee table and the cozy fire! :)

    Mel, I am glad that you are only a click or a call or a road-trip or a thought away! I loves yas!!!! :)

  5. Josh Wychopen Says:

    Here is a picture of my shoes for your viewing pleasure…


    Be thankful I don’t take them off, I have notoriously stinky feet. ;) I still think your shoes are cuter.


  6. Catherine Says:

    I shopped for those shoes for her! :) Thank you, thank you very much. :) Oh, that fireplace in the picture smokes bad….notice the haze….

  7. Josh Wychopen Says:

    Yes Cat, well done on the shoes! Really awesome choice! Hehe, well if you need some help with the fireplace just let me know. I know a little about the whole wood stove thingy ish. :) That is what I had in my cabin at Eagle Mountain. Let’s just say that the cabin was filled with smoke on more than one occasion. ;) That is the good thing about living with fire fighters, they know exactly what to do. :)

    sometimes wishing I were a fire fighter,