In honor of Mel and Kevin :-)

This little camo dress was a homemade gift from Savannah’s Honorary Auntie Mel :-) … Isn’t she SWEET???? (Mel AND Little O) :)


I got these little socks for our girl before she was even born… And post this picture in honor of Kevin :-) Wanna do lunch?


3 Responses

  1. Mellie-Malloo Says:

    **SCREAMS!!** She looks SO GREAT in camouflage!! I can’t believe she fits it!! She’s growing SO MUCH!! I can’t WAIT to see her…AND her Mommy and Daddy, AND her Nanna and Pappa AND her Auntie Sarah!!!

    Hum…not sure about those socks…

  2. Perky Says:

    As to those socks, I wouldn’t question them too loudly. Certain Arkansans and former Arkansans are more than partial to a certain team :-)

    …But we love them anyway. ;)

  3. Kevin Says:

    Oh wow! Why didn’t I see this one before?!

    What are you talking about Mel!? She looks awesome in those socks. And the dress to of course. But the SOCKS! Whoa! that just makes the outfit. But what would the dress and socks be with out the little cutie herself?

    Thanks Sarah :-D