At the Train Station

I spent a bit of time this morning at the train station in Longview waiting for… imagine this …a train. :)









Have I told y’all that you are precious to me? You are.


8 Responses

  1. Kevin Says:

    Hey, great pictures Sarah. Who was on the train? Or were you just waiting for the once in a life time expreience of seeing a passenger train in person?

  2. Perky Says:

    Actually, I was waiting for a young lady who came to help out in preparation for Family Camp.

    But come to think of it….

    It is significantly more *romantic* to wait for a train with no one you know on it. So…let’s pretend that :-)

  3. Mellie-Malloo Says:

    Definitely…that must have been what it was. ;)

  4. Josh Wychopen Says:

    Sigh, it is very romantic to wait for a train…that is really cool!

  5. Erin Says:

    You know, I think it would be romantic if you were waiting for, well, you know…….HIM……..that special one…but just to wait??? Romantic??….interesting thought.

    I love you Sarah…..even if you are a hopeless romantic…almost as bad as my brother. :-)

  6. Perky Says:

    hee hee :-) You have to use your imagination, m’dear! You never know WHO might step off a train. And should there be no one there…at least you can have the thrill of waiting for it :-)

    There were even some folks that I met there who had put a penny, a dime and a nickel on the tracks for when the train passed over them. And you know what?? It worked!!! The dime and nickel were perfectly ironed out. The penny was lost in the line of duty – we looked for it to no avail :(

    I love americana <3

  7. eperkins Says:

    You will always be our sunshine, Sarah!
    Love and miss ya,

  8. Angie Says:

    Don’t ever lose your “romantic” side or your dreams…dreams really can and do come true, as you have seen with Catherine and yours truly. :-) YOU would certainly be a sweet dream-come-true for someone deserving.

    Guess what these train station pictures make ME think of? Anne of Green Gables! :-)