Snow day!

Woke up yesterday morning to a yard full of snow! By the time it stopped we had about 3-4 inches of white wonder! Israel loved looking out the front window :)

Then this afternoon, Greg pulled Israel and I on a sled behind his 4-wheeler, then I (Sarah) pulled Greg and Israel. Fun stuff! Israel LOVED it!

Then GREG had a GREAT idea and got a BOAT – yes, I said a BOAT – to pull us in
! He tied it to the 4-wheeler and off we went!

What fun it was when Aunt Catherine, Uncle Chris, Savannie, and Caleb came over! Uncle Chris even took the children for rides on his 3-wheeler and did DONUTS in the snow!!!

Here are our snow-kiddos! :)

“Hi, Nana and PawPaw!!!!!! See us all bundled up!???”

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