God is GOOD! A successful hunt!

For those who hunt in “target rich environments”, finding and harvesting venison for the freezer can be much easier than it is for those in areas where deer aren’t as plentiful or aren’t managed for growth and number.

This said, I [Sarah] am so blessed by my husband’s faithfulness and diligence in going out each year and scouting for good hunting ground and then going out time and time again – sometimes sitting in a tree stand for hours (and it can get COLD!) and seeing nothing to bring home. I so appreciate his heart to provide for his family and to fill our freezer with quality meat!!! God has blessed me with a man after his own heart!!!

I love Greg’s hunting stories (as do others!!!) – he’s a GREAT story teller and has lots to tell! I also appreciate his view of his time hunting outdoors or sitting in a tree stand. Greg just loves the time with His Lord and in His Word – whether he brings home an animal or not. He loves helping others to find good hunting spots and teaching them to hunt and track and clean deer. I praise the Lord for my husband’s generous heart and love for people and appreciation for God’s creation!

That said, we have been  praying for a productive hunting season – for venison in our freezer! And yesterday, God blessed in a GREAT way!!! Praise the Lord!!!!

And the verse Greg was meditating on the morning of this hunt? “And let us not be weary in well doing; for in due season we shall reap if we faint not.”

To God Be the Glory!

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