Dear Christa…

Dear Christa was such a living picture of sweetness and beauty of heart, of innocence and purity. During her life, she truly walked with God. She lived in His Presence – wholly and holy devoted to her Heavenly Groom. She truly was the Bride of Christ – it showed in her love, in her countenance, in her joy. I think of Christa and my heart smiles, and I want to be more like Christ, to walk more purely, to love more deeply, to love My God First.

I praise my Heavenly Father for the testimony of dear Christa’s life here on earth. I rejoice with her knowing that she is in the Presence of our Lord. Having seen Christa’s walk here, I can imagine – just in a small way – her joy at the throne of God. God is good always and in all things…

Precious in the sight of Jehovah

is the death of his saints.”

Psalm 116:15

4 Responses

  1. Sandra Perkins Says:

    Christa was a wonderful gift from our heavenly Father. It looks like you have some wonderful memories !

  2. Erin Says:

    I miss her. I loved so much. . .

  3. Jarod Says:

    Praying for you guys, and grieving with you. May God give you comfort and grace.

  4. Catherine Says:

    My sis, thank you for remembering her so beautifully. God is so kind and generous to let us have known her as a friend. I love you dearly and want you to know that the light and love of Jesus radiate from your life.

    “May our lives be a testimony of who You are in us, of who we are in You. Lord Jesus, may the ones we touch be touched by You…”