A Report: Accomplishments :)

So…The other day, I posted a list of TEN TO-DO’s for while I was “home home”. Out of the 10, 9 are officially accomplished. #3 was attempted – but was unsuccessful. When I went to walk through my yard in my bare feet, it was dark (if I remember right) and the ground was wet and the wet was a tad chillyish. So, we have to save #3 for another trip.

Here is my updated list: (Always feels SO GREAT scratching things off. OK, time to home home AGAIN so I can tackle more :-D heehee)

1) Hug my Mom (Did LOTS of this.)

2) Sit with my dad in the SAME recliner (Such a comfy place. I have a GREAT dad!)

3) Walk through my yard in my bare feet (Yet to be accomplished – but ATTEMPTED nonetheless)

4) Eat a home-cooked cajun meal (Done more than once – Wow, we eat WELL in South Louisiana :) )

5) Sit on our porch and read (I am in Chapter 4 of the Authentic Relationships book. SUCH a great book! No comment…I am determined this time to complete :) )

6) Enjoy a sunset over the field across the street :)

7) Get a hair-cut at Kristy’s Thanks, Kristy!

8 ) Explore the new section of River Ranch -Been wanting to do that for a while

9) Sleep in Loveliness :) :) :)

10) Take a deep breath and BE. :) Need to do this more – even in Big Sandy! :)

Enjoy some pics!


I LOVE MY MOM AND DAD!!!!!!!!!!!! I so enjoyed this visit home… I was missing it before I even left! :(


Malloo and me :) We had about 2 hrs to spend together on Saturday – Mel was passing through on her way from Aaron and Laura’s to Houston…. SO nice living betwixt Bogners and Bakers :)


So… a 7 1/2 mph speed limit. Hmmmmm :-P


Ok…These are called “Bubbies” or “Mochis”. Mel and I discovered these unusual treats at “Scoops” – a little local ice cream shop. We chose not to resist the temptation to experiment. :) They are like little balls of ice cream wrapped/coated in flavored rice flour. It’s sort of like having a little ice cream ball wrapped in something about the consistency of a twizzler. New to the pallet, but quite delicious :)


Me and Momma and Mel :)


Outside of a Community Coffee Cafe… One tall Mocha Mochassippi with an extra shot of espresso PLEASE :)


On my very short walk in the new section of River Ranch. Scratching #8 off of my list :)


And IN CASE you are wondering where Spring is…It is happily situated in South Louisiana. I found it :) The weather was GORGEOUS… The grass is turning a lovely spring green. The skies were clear. The sun was warm on my face. When Mel came by Saturday, she made a sweet observation: That the Lord always blesses us with lovely days. And He does…


I am living in East Texas. But I am a south Louisiana girl. :)

This morning I headed for Houston to spend a couple of days at Home #4 – the Bogners! I arrived this afternoon and am already enjoying a sweet time with sweet girls and their dear mom and dad! :)

Now…I think I am going to watch a late night movie with Mel…..

Laters!!! :)

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  1. Mellie-Malloo Says:

    SUCH a wonderful day, my friend!!
    I MISS YOU!!!