The Christmas Posts: Family that I love! :)

Here are some pictures of my Christmas! For me, I guess it actually started about 2 wks ahead with get-togethers and a trip to Houston and continued with visits with family! Here are a few glimpses!


This Christmas found me spending a lot of time on the road. It was certainly worth it! It was great seeing the family that I love so dearly! I left Big Sandy on Friday afternoon and drove back home (to Louisiana). It was GRANDIOSE to hug and hold my mom and dad! Saturday, I shopped and got tires for my car. Sunday morning, we headed to the New Orleans area to spend the day with my mom’s side of the family and then headed back home that evening. Monday, I shopped and packed and wrapped gifts.

Christmas morning was a different one for me! I spent the morning, from about 7:30 am til about NOON, on the road driving from my house back to Big Sandy. I was alone in my little car, since Mom and Dad were driving the van up as well. You would think that spending Christmas morning on the road could be quite…uh…not the most thrilling thing. But really it turned out quite nice. The Lord traveled with me and gave me great joy! It was a delighted surprise!

You know, on Christmas morning, you can get quite the selection of Christmas music on the radio – I didn’t have my MP3 player or cd player :-P There is enough classical, traditional, and uh…other stuff…to gear anyone into the “Christmas spirit” :) On my way, “grandma got run over by a reindeer”, Santa Clause came to town a few times, and “Walking in a Winter Wonderland” played a few times as I drove through a khaki-colored landscape :)

The trip ended with a HUGE COMASSIVE cherry-on-top as we arrived at Catherine and Chris’s! Ah, FAMILY IS A BEAUTIFUL THING! It has been SO NICE here! Really, we haven’t been doing much at all, but just visiting and movie watching and…well…BEING! It is GRAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And, here I sit now, posting! Here are pics!


Savannah and I :) “Little O” is quite the master at unwrapping :) And, as you can guess, the paper is at first about as much fun as the present itself :)


First row (l to r): My sweet aunt Halina – Such an hospitable dear!; My precious beloved mom and cousin Matthew; Two of my uncles playing “photographer” :)

Second row (l to r): My dad losing a tickle war :) ; Me and my Grandmother Falcone(yup, there’s Italian in this blood of mine); Me and cousins, Leanne and Loni (Love you girls!!!)

Third row (l to r): Me and Matthew; Matthew (Cookies, anyone?); Me and Little Sarah

My Uncle Billy and Aunt Halina, Matthew and Little Sarah win the official prize for coolest Christmas Tree in our family. This beauty is an authentic work of nature that they tracked down themselves!Try finding this baby in a tree lot! :-) …


Family is a PRICELESS, PRECIOUS treasure!!!!!! Love y’all!!

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