Could this be love?

Hi, this is Melanie! Something interesting happened this weekend, y’all. No, Perky’s not engaged or anything, but during her wonderful SURPRISE visit to me I discovered that she has quite a handsome admirer!!!!!!!

Perky went to the H’s bonfire on Saturday with us. We walked in the door and little Neal H. (who is almost 3 years old) just about tackled my friend with smiles and shouts of “PERKY!!” Apparently at Family Camp Little Neal had decided he really liked her. He was ecstatic when he heard she was coming to the bonfire! From 3pm-10pm, he followed (or dragged) her everywhere, talked with her, ate her dinner, and cried when he couldn’t find her among the crowds of people. Later we heard about the following conversation he had with his mother while he was getting his pjs on:

Mama: Perky’s a nice lady, isn’t she?
Neal: Mama, she’s not a lady, she’s a gurrl…
Mama: Ohhh…
Neal: …and Mama, I wuv her.

Neal’s mama said to Perky, “You’d just have to wait a few more years!!”

Here are pictures of the happy couple… :-D


To see a super-short-video of the cute-little-man, click the link below!

5 Responses

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    So CUTE! So cute in fact that he is a tiny bit cuter than my last 3 yr. old admirer… ;)

  2. Perky Says:

    Yep! He’s sure a cutie alright! He certainly made my day!!! (Well, being with so many other people that I love made it sparkle too, of course) :)

  3. Nikolai Says:


  4. Perky Says:

    Hi, Niko!!!! I miss ya, my friend! Isn’t there ANY way that I can persuade you to come to Big Sandy!??? Can I HOPE???? :)

  5. Rachel Says:

    He IS rather adorable…I hope you didn’t get too worn out though!!!!
    SOOOO glad you could come for a visit… it’s always fun to spend time together.
    Merry Chrismas!!!!!!!!!!!!!1