Family Camp 2007

I’ve been planning on posting pictures and thoughts from Family Camp all week. And – at last – here I am. This particular event is particularly hard to post about. Some things are just too huge or amazing to capture in a post. :-P

Father did a mighty work in the planning and carrying out of Family Camp! Words are not enough to express it. But here…I’ll list the 10,000 reasons why I love the International ALERT Academy’s Family Camp (for the sake of your time, I’ll abbreviate)

1. The “campers” – all 1,200 of them

78. The feel of FAMILY

142. The adorable kiddos

390. The mass quantity of bicycles that invade the campus – by the hundreds

654. The energy

995. The music

1,356. The craziness behind the scenes

2,413. The peace behind the scenes

3,594. Everyone that I work with – and others – coming together for one great cause

4,631. The goofiness

6,787. The discovery that I really do work with some of the BEST people on Earth

7,847. The stars that come out at night

9,002. The smiles and hugs of friends

10,000. The fact that you can plan and think and imagine – AND STILL – Father God blows your socks off and surprises you with His creativity and goodness

For those of you new to Family Camp, our theme this year was “The Tabernacle”. IAA brought in a full-size recreation of the Old Testament Tabernacle and conducted a biblical times living history (complete with crafts, games, foods, costumes, demonstrations…). In keeping with Family Camp tradition, Lew Sterrett did an amazing job out at the corral teaching using the visual of horses. And there were enough activities and tournaments at other times to keep things “hopping”. Alrighty..Here are some pics!

Lew’s horse gets registered…


Capt. Mandreger: Keeping things safe and secure on campus :) …


People I am honored and delighted to work along side…


The ALERT way of relieving a head ache…. ;)


My dear friend Sharon – She’s meant SO MUCH to me since I arrived here in Big Sandy!


I think they are making the “b” in rabies. If Brett K ever tells you about his squirrel bite, immediately find ME so that I can tell you my version of the story… :)


Me and the ENTIRE IAA Graphic Arts Dept….


Co-workers come in so handy!…




Me and my girl…


Here’s loving FAMILY!!!!…


Sharon keeping things running smoothly in the campground..


Cassie and Cole….sweetness!…


Kerzdenn K. tells (and invents as he goes) the story of the Red Riding Hood (me) and the Bid Bad Wolf (Josh). It turned out to be QUITE the unusual version :) ….

Grace learns the proper way to take flight…


Jon… (so glad you came, Jon. It was a treat just seeing you around!)


Shayna working the Tower…


Scenes from Living History…






Jumping Jehoshua!!!… :)



Battle scene… Trust me – it was QUITE the event :) …






Me and My Mel…


SO…there you have it. Wish you ALL could have been here!!!! I praise the Lord for bringing me here to ALERT (and it IS “bring”, J – because He brought me here and is still at my side)! I am honored to work alongside such faithful and joyful people – staff, volunteers, and battalion. Words cannot tell you how precious the people and environment here are. Thank You, Lord!



Father is doing amazing things! If you’d like to join our team, call me! 903.636.2000 ext 2271 :)

Loving Texas, IAA, and being in the center of His will…


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  1. Mellie-Malloo Says:


  2. Kevin Says:

    Great post Sarah. :-D

  3. Cat Says:

    It’s is so fabulous having you here, Sarah! I love this post…BUT, I love you more. :)

  4. Erin Says:

    Loverly, done in true Perky fashion. I’d drive there just to get a hug from YOU dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you Sarah!!!! :-)

  5. Angie Says:

    Aw, this post made me start reminiscing the great times I’ve had with ATI friends and events! I enjoyed all the family camp pictures. I’ve never been to a family camp, and it looks AWESOME!!!

  6. eperkins Says:

    I just saw a picture of someone I miss VERY much !!!
    Hi ya!
    Love, Mom