Get ready…it’s a long one :-)

They say that “home is where the heart is.” Well, I’ve given my heart to Jesus – so wherever He is, is my Home. That said…….There is no place like HOME.

For the next week and half or so, my home is at the Col. and Mrs. Tanner’s. They are out of town for their son’s wedding in D.C., so I am official house sitter, dog sitter, and hummingbird feeder filler.

World, meet Tasha: My foster dog. Actually, I am more of the “foster” since I moved into her house. :) She and I are getting along quite well. We haven’t run into any trouble. Well, ok except for last night. I locked myself and Tasha out of the house. Yup, there she and I were with no way in…I needed a key (mine was inside). Made a couple of calls to potential rescuers – but all I got were answering machines :-P Fortunately, of all people, my own brother-in-law had a key. I think he’ll remind me of this incident for the rest of my life. So…one weekend down…a ways to go (Note to self: Check the knob before you pull the door behind you.)



Following a really tough week (tough from every direction, it seems), this has been such a nice weekend! Friday night, my department here at ALERT went to Olive Garden for a little time together away from the office. Capt. Herring’s warning was basically that anyone to mention work would die. :) We had a great time…One day I need to introduce y’all to the people I work with. They are all so great! We have fun. God is building a super team! Here is a not-so-great shot of most of us from Camps and Conferences…


Yesterday morning, I went to the Rotary Club’s waffle breakfast. T’was fun and delicious t’boot. After that Catherine, Savannah, and I shopped. Wow, that was so nice. Just being together, doing something girly and sisterly, not having to hurry or have a point, was just like…like…perfect. Thanks for the sweet afternoon, Cat! Love you oodles!



Last night, after I was let back into the Tanner’s house, Chris, Cat, and Savannie-Annie came over to watch a movie. :) Sometimes, doing nothingness is grandness :)

‘Bout lunchtime today, I headed to Longview – bound for a grande, raspberry (1/2 pump, please) mocha, extra shot frappachino. Lately, I have been having in my bones to travel a new way to get to a known place. So far, I have done quite well braving back highways rather than the standard Hwy 80 to get to Longview. There is just something about getting in my little car, driving down a new road, riding its curves and hills, feeling the sunshine or the breeze…Does my spirit good. :) Even if I am only going to Walmart or back to ALERT.

So that’s what I did today…took a new road…Next thing I knew, I was in Gilmer. Which isn’t exactly on the way to Longview :-P, but the drive was lovely…And I bought I map there… :) Lord, thank You for sunshine, breezes, and rolling Texas countryside. Thank You for little roads hidden below a canopy of green trees. Thank You for the way the sunshine peeks through on those roads and then bursts out on the other side.


There is something exciting about a new road, a new scene, a new patch of sky, a new ray of sunshine that has never touched my face before. There is something about me that loves to think BIG things, beyond what I can see with my own eyes. To believe in great things happening because I serve a Great God. To HOPE, because HE IS.

The other day, I had a funny conversation with one of the guys here on campus. In case y’all don’t know it, I am slightly visionary and optimistic. :) In talking with this guy (who is…well…great…but different from me :) ), I was explaining that it is not good to get stuck in a rut – that we must be faithful where we are, but keeping looking ahead and moving forward. I quoted to him, “A rut is nothing more than a grave with both ends kicked out.” He said, “Yes, or a ‘path well travelled leading to a sure destination.'” Sigh – I have my work cut out for me. :)

The next few weeks are gonna be FULL. The last weeks already have been. :) This coming Wednesday and next Wednesday, I am organizing children’s programs at Calvary Baptist in Gladewater. The plan is to do a CI-style large group each night – making it last an hour and half. Funny doing something like this without having CI folks around me – Guys, I miss ya!!!!!!!!! :(

I’ve talked to a few folks on campus who’ll be helping me and am trusting the Lord to do something glorious! Prayers appreciated!!! Lord-willing, I’ll have Aaron Miller (a cool guy here who has great personality), Grace Moulton (sweet gal with the heart of a world changer – I can see it in her face), Josh Wychopen (a dear friend who loves the Lord and loves people), Cherith Hendrich (very sweet and joyful, I am looking forward to working with her), and Kerzdenn Kowalchuk (great guy, friend of Jorgie’s, who I’m hoping- hoping-hoping can come and tell the Captain of My Ship story)

Y’all things have been SOOOOO busy – with work, living, and everything else. I am ready for a vacation!

Family Camp is just around the corner – and that corner is coming at me faster that I would like! :-O We are planning for about 1,400 people this year – exciting stuff! I am a bit overwhelmed and very excited all at same time. Father is doing AMAZING THINGS!

Ok, I think I have this post out of my system :) Hmmm…I’d rather if it were a “sit-down-over-a-warm-cup-of-joe-with-each-of-you-one-at-a-time” visit. But alas…..SO, here’s me thinking that y’all should all come visit :) How about tomorrow? Ok? Ok. :)

So, what is the Lord working in you? What have you been up to? How is your heart?

Lord, encourage my friends and family, I pray. May they sense Your Presence, know the delight of Your Countenance, and have their “socks-blown-off” by a realization of Your Love.

May HE be your Home…

Have I mentioned that I love this little gal…She amazes me :) Is “Little O” cute or what?? :)


7 Responses

  1. Robyn Copper Says:

    That does sound like a busy but fun time.

    You are SOOO good at actively investing in the lives of those around you. And ‘little O’ IS absolutely adorable and good for you spending so much time with your sister. Must be awesome to be able to fellowship with family.

  2. Malloo Says:

    OH Sarah!! This post was GREAT!! I ‘most feel like I’ve talked to ya for an hour!!—ok, no, I don’t. I need to. BUT, it’s SOOO great to see pictures of you and Savannie-Annie, WOW what smiles!! Wish I could go on another shopping trip with Cat and baby AND YOU soon!! There’s nothing like a girls day out!!
    How am I REALLY??…I’ll leave that for a phone conversation soon, ok?

    LOVE YOU!! *HUG*

  3. eperkins Says:

    Hi Sarah,
    We Soooooo miss you . Thanks for posting the wonderful pictures !
    We love seeing our 3 girls together. Dad & I laughed so hard when
    seeing Savannah so round like a melon and smiling!
    Love ya soooo much and oh how we want to see you.

  4. Katie Pleckham Says:

    Oh, Savannah is ADORABLE! :) You’re amazing. I’ll be praying for you though–you’ve got a lot on your plate!!!

  5. Lisa Says:

    Hey cousin! Great post! My life seems boring in comparison but someone has to care for the 3 monsters I have! lol Savannah is so cute! She looks like she’ll be a chunk in a few months. She hasn’t missed any feedings has she! I miss you guys give big Cathrine our love! Big Cathrine because one of Jessie’s kids though that her Cathrine was getting married when they went to the wedding last year! lol

  6. Rachel Says:

    Hi Sarah!!!
    Aren’t babies just about THE most wonderfully adorable thing God ever made?!!! Savannah is so CUTE! Looking forward to seeing you at Family Camp…it’s comin’ up soon!

  7. Jessie Says:

    I haven’t seen you since you were a blonde – at least it looks darker in the pics. Anyhow, I love it, and gosh do you look so much like Catherine, we come from beautiful people us Perkins folk huh!