Just a couple of hours…

…..and my dear friend Melanie will be HERE – in MY HOUSE!!!!! [“Here” being Duson, LA not Big Sandy, TX – I drove home this afternoon.]

What’s on the schedule? VACATION! *insert 3 yoo-hoo’s, 6 hollers, 29 cheers, and a broad smile for each member of our travelling party!*

Wow – this is going to be a GREAT week :) I am a happy camper :) *cheerful, contended sigh*

On another note, I really do need to take the time to post about what all has been happening with me over the last three weeks – THREE WEEKS! Whoa, TIME FLIES!!!!!!!

Maybe tomorrow as we travel [10’ish hours on the road], I can take the time to write. :)

Have I mentioned that each of you is a treasure?…………..You are. And now you know it. :)

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