Arkansas Adventures and Cherry “Throw-up” :-P

Once upon a time—a time so amazing that you’d never think it could be—there was a girl named Melanie (a.k.a Mellie-Malloo) who God blessed with a GREAT friend named Sarah (a.k.a Perky). Well, one day Perky asked Malloo if she would go on an adventure with her and her family to Arkansas. Malloo was thrilled with the idea, but didn’t see that it would EVER work out because of all her schoolwork. Thinking it could never be, Malloo and Perky gave up on the idea. However, as is common with many great dreams and desires, a small piece of that dream couldn’t be totally snuffed. Before she could even pinch herself to make sure she was REALLY alive, Malloo mentioned it to her parents who said she could go. Talk about shock!! So, Malloo is with Perky and her family in Eureka Springs AS SHE TYPES! Malloo is incredibly grateful for this special gift of God in this time of fellowship with her sisters and brothers in Christ! And, is having a WONDERFANTABULOUSUPERINCREDIBLEXCITINGMARVELOUS TIME~!!!!!!! (even though it does include some of the aforementioned schoolwork!!)

Once upon a time, there was a Perky named “Me”. [OK – So, I need a new starter sentence.] Now that Malloo (a.k.a Melanie – only because her parents couldn’t imagine calling their first-born infant “Malloo”) has filled you in on the shock aspect of our current venture into the wilds of Eureka Springs, Arkansas, I shall fill you in on the details. :) …

On Saturday, I headed home to LA from Big Sandy and Melanie headed to our house from Houston. Sunday morning we headed with my parents to NW Arkansas to meet up with Catherine and Chris and Neil and Kristy. It has been a GRRRREAT time as is evidenced in the pictures below! FUN STUFF!!!! We have shopped, visited, laughed, sat in the parking lot of a Motel 6 borrowing a wireless connection, worked (some things just must be done), watched a 4 hour long movie, basked in the sunshine, enjoyed mountain views, enjoyed the company of family and friends, and lots more of stuff and nothing :-) Ah…..sometimes a girl needs to do nothing and enjoy doing it to the fullest!

On Wednesday, Melanie and I ventured into downtown Eureka Springs for a little shopping excursion. At the end of our pursuit (after purchasing matching rings made of blue beads and teal sequins) we ventured into a little Café for ice cream and liquid refreshment. We got our deliciocious ice cream, biggish cups of Coke and Root Beer, and each purchased a little over a pound of Jelly Bellies (we got QUITE the deal on those! You would be SO PROUD!). As we sat there enjoying our culinary delights and waiting for the sugar rush to hit, I asked Mel what the name was of our ice cream. She pondered a second or less…and then said, “Cherry Throw-up…or something”. BOY, DID I EVER GIVE HER A FUNNY LOOK! Who in the whole wide world would dare to name their ice cream CHERRY THROW-UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????? I stood up with a vengeance and a quizzical look, marched over to the freezer and read the ice cream’s label. Its certified name was “Cherry Chocolate Cascade”! Some people’s friends!!! CHERRY THROW UP!?? Ugh. I was like maybe “cherry toss up”. Note to self: If you ever start an ice cream company, don’t hire Malloo to name your concoctions.

Yesterday we headed to Branson, Missouri for another splendiferous day! :) More about those adventures later! Here are some pictures of our week up through Wednesday! Enjoy! [Yes, Mel is a genius at collage creating and motorcycle hijacking] ;) hee hee

Any questions about the pictures??? We’d love to tell you their stories! Have a marvelous day!

Perks and Malloo



BTW and most IMPORTANT information to all my readers…..Y’all are PRECIOUS to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My heavenly Father is good and each of you is a gift from Him. <3 <3

5 Responses

  1. Beth Says:

    YAY!!!! I’m SO glad Y’all posted!!! I was about to write Mel a mean email demanding posts and pictures!!! :-D I’m SO glad y’all are having such a fun time!! I want to know about ALL the pictures, although I am extremely interested in why Melanie is sitting on a motercycle? Love you both!!!

  2. Kevin Says:

    Cherry Throw Up. Nice. If you put that ice cream place in Siler Dollar City right next to Wildfire or something like…..I think it would fit. :-P

    So good to see y’all last night. Wish we could have gone out for Mexican and Chaw-Chaw, but we’ll save that for an occasion when I’m not wiped out and wet. :-P

  3. Kevin Says:

    What’s the deal with the moose?

  4. Perky Says:

    The moose is my friend. ;) OH – and it was great seeing y’all too!!!!!

    Beth…we wanted to post SO BADLY but once we got the post written, it wasn’t working out to get an internet connection for long :-P

    We SURELY had a GREAT TIME!!!!!!!!!!! Wanna do it again in 3 weeks, Malloo??

  5. Mellie-Malloo Says:

    SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Though, I’m feeling rather overwhelmedish at the moment. SO much to do, and so very little time to do it in! I miss you TONS already! Daisies in your Dreams!!! ********************