Just us :-)


Catherine and Chris are coming on Friday :D

There’s no place like home…… :)

11 Responses

  1. Kevin Says:

    Sweet! Tell them I said hey. :-)

  2. Melony Balony Says:

    I MISS YOU and your family!!!!

    Give them LOTS of hugs from me!!! I mean LOTS!!!! :-P

  3. Josh Wychopen Says:

    I wish I could be there! That would be soo much fun, oh well soon enough…

    Have a splendorous time!


  4. Me :-) Says:

    Kevin, I will most gladly pass on your “Hey!” to Camel and Cat :D

    Mel, I will MOST CERTAINLY be the bearer and administer of LOTS of hugs. I’ll give them mine, yours, and some to carry me over until the next time I see them. Whoa! That’s A LOT!!!! :)

    Josh! You made up another word – “splendorous”!!! That would be in the same dictionary with “awesomeness”! We could call the dictionary: “The 2007 Special Dictionary of Joshisms”

    Like it????

  5. Josh Wychopen Says:

    That would be soo great Sarah but it actually is a word… splendorous

    I didn’t think it was until I looked it up. I was disappointed to find out it was a real word. :( lol

    I will have to think up another one at some point. :)

  6. Me :-) Says:

    BUT…think about it…You DID inspire ME to create a new word: “Joshisms”

    Can that be included in your book? :)

  7. Robyn Copper Says:

    Sarah, you are absolutely correct about home (of my parents). I don’t have that anymore but the memories are sure wonderful. Enjoy enjoy enjoy.

  8. Kevin Says:

    Man, what a let down. To come up with a whole new word and discover that some other stinker had already thought it up. :-( Sorry, Josh. I feel for ya.

  9. Melony Balony Says:

    It’s a beautiful Morning!! Why?

    – Cause God is in it…
    – Cause He made you, YOU…
    – Cause Catherine is gonna HUG YOU!!
    – Cause I’m gonna pray for you, just cause…
    – Cause I love you…
    – Cause when it rains, it POURS, but God makes sure we have HUGE-O buckets to catch the blessings, and a HUGE-O umbrella to take care of the rest!
    – Cause I love you…(did I say that before?) :-D

  10. Me :-) Says:

    Thanks, Mel! It is a beautiful morning in Spring too!!! Here’s why….

    – Cause God is in it….
    – Cause He made you, YOU….
    – Cause I am sending YOU a hug that will be there as fast as my wireless connection can carry it!!!
    – Cause I am gonna pray for you, just cause….
    – Cause I love my little Texas sister….
    – Cause SOMEBODY is watchin’ over you….
    – Cause I love my little Texas sister…. (did I say that before?) :D

  11. Josh Wychopen Says:

    Thanks Kev! I we need to arrange to get together soon… Maybe I will be in the area. That is a funny story too, I found out if you really like a girl and want to court her, in the area is a very broad term. It could mean anywhere within 5 hours away. :) I know this because a friend of mine has had first hand experience at doing it. :) hehe

    I take my hat off to blind lovers. ;)