There is a Miraculous Feeling…

I love finding simple things that when pondered speak volumes and create pictures of realities (of heart and mind and soul) that are sometimes hard to express or grasp otherwise. I love things that take matters that can be so complicated and sum them up in simplicity. Or sometimes that just help me to laugh at myself…

Things that do this for me: children’s books, Calvin and Hobbes comic strips, quotations…

Children’s books can be so simply profound. Among my favorites is Guess How Much I Love You. That one is just an amazing portrayal of our Heavenly Father’s love…

As for Calvin and Hobbes, its pretty sad how much I like them. I can read the same one over and over and laugh all over again. And sometimes, I see a bit of me there. Makes me smile… :)

As for quotations, I so enjoy them. Discovering them, collecting them, passing them on…At times, a good quote is like a sermon in a nutshell. I love them.

The other day, I came across this lovely one:

“The pages are still blank,

but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there,

written in invisible ink

and clamoring to become visible.”

~Vladimir Nabakov

I have often found myself writing. Whether that be for my blog, or for the Children’s Institute, or in my work at ALERT.

Have you ever sat there ready to write, or needing to write something, and the screen before you insisted on staying blank? Or have you ever had something on your heart that was so a part of who you were that when it came time to express it with words, there were none adequate? Words…

This quote also gripped me on a completely different plain – that of faith and hope and trust.

Here I am in life, not knowing what tomorrow holds. I look towards the days to come and, in a sense, they are blank pages. I could get frustrated, discouraged, impatient…


When I stop…

There is this MIRACULOUS FEELING that the Father is writing a lovely story. That what I may not be able to see now, is already reality – written in invisible ink clamoring to become visible. Visible in HIS PERFECT TIME.

This is Faith: The substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen.

This is Hope: Not some vague “maybe-thinking”, but a KNOWING that God IS working. That He has only great things in store for His children. That, in following Him, my future is secure and miraculous.

This is Trust: The resolve to REST in what I KNOW to be Truth.

You know what? . . . When I stop and turn my eyes to Heaven. When I cease from leaning on my own understanding. When I acknowledge the reality of God’s presence and sovereignty. . . I get that miraculous feeling .

He is Author and Finisher. God is GOOD.

4 Responses

  1. Rachel Says:

    That’s a beautiful quote ( I have a weekness for quotes too).
    Thanks, Sarah

  2. Kevin Says:

    You’re always such an encouragement Sarah. :-) You’re my favorite Auntie Sarah.

  3. Mellie-Malloo Says:

    I LOVE this post, Perky! You have such a way with words, and the way you expressed your thoughts regarding this quote is amazing!!!

  4. Sarah Says:

    Rachel, Kevin, and Mel… Each of you are precious encouragers to me as well! I thank God you and for the testimony of your faith! Blessings to you!