Magnificent future. Magnificent liberty.

This Sunday (today) found me thoroughly enjoying a peaceful, sweet time all by myself (Well, I am never alone.) at a lovely little park in Tyler.

The weather forecast called for a little sunshine and a little rain, but I decided to head out anyway. See… :)


There I was at the park – quilt spread out on the ground, a mocha at my side, a good book (by Elisabeth Elliot), and a GLORIOUS Book (my Bible).

When I arrived the sky was cloudy and I didn’t know how long I’d get to stay. Still, I found a comfy spot and settled in…

The sounds of the park were great. There was laughter to be heard. And this little girl (cute little thing, about 4 yrs old) was huffing and puffing and pumping her arms as she ran up the hill I was on. Behind me was an outdoor stage and seating area. At one point, some little guy got up on that stage (I couldn’t see him as I was parked behind a stone wall.)…Well, he got up on that stage and sang the “Star Spangled Banner” boldly to an invisible audience. Ah! to be a child again… :)

After a bit, the sky grew cloudier and dimmer, the air was colder, and eventually a very light rain began to mist me and my book.

I thought about packing up and heading out but decided to ride it out a little longer.

And, then, you know what? THEN…the clouds began to drift away and the sun began to shine through. I just had to wait a little longer…

And maybe… just maybe… I appreciated the warmth of the sun on my face more because I had endured the sprinkles of rain and the chill.

“In my opinion whatever we may have to go through now is less than nothing compared with the MAGNIFICENT FUTURE God has in store for us. The whole creation is on tiptoe to see the wonderful sight of the sons of God coming into their own. The world of creation cannot as yet see reality, not because it chooses to be blind, but because in God’s purpose it has been so limited – yet it has been given hope. And the HOPE is that in the end the whole of created life will be rescued from the tyranny of change and decay, and have its share in that MAGNIFICENT LIBERTY which can only belong to the children of God!” -Romans 8:18-21 Phillips.


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  1. Mellie-Malloo Says:

    Wow is right!!! That verse is amazing in that version. I’m so glad that you were able to have such a lovely Lord’s day. He blessed mine too…He’s incredible!