15 Things I am grateful for…

Just thought I’d fill the observing world in on a few of the things that am grateful for:

1) My Mom and Dad (words are not enough)
2) My sister Catherine (who is such a fine example to me – She’s SUCH an excellent wife and mother)
3) My brother-in-law Chris (my Lord picked just the right one for me :) I treasure “What’s his bucket”…)
4) My niece Savannah (Seeing her makes me want to love Christ so purely and deeply, Her giggles are better than music!)
5) Home – my South Louisiana home (it’s true – There’s no place like it)
6) Home – My cozy little room in the girls’ house. It really has become a home away from Home.
7) My job/ministry (I really enjoy working for ALERT. I know that I am in the center of God’s will and there is great peace there.)
8 ) The folks that work with (I am BLESSED.)
9) Heaven (Not there yet, but the Lord gives me such sweet tastes of eternity now. Thank You, Jesus!)
10) Friends (“Insomuch as anyone pushes you nearer to God, he or she is your friend.”)
11) Strangers (Because they are friends waiting to happen.)
12) The Word of God
13) The Comforter – God’s Holy Spirit
14) My Savior
15) Cool, sunshiny days – like today.

May Christ be your First Love….

Your Friend in Christ,

3 Responses

  1. Mellie-Malloo Says:

    WOW….that’s a GREAT list!!! I’m thankful for all of those people too…and for YOU!!!

  2. Erin Says:

    I love you Perky!!!!! ))HUG((

  3. Kevin Says:

    And I’m grateful for my Auntie Sarah because she always has something great to read and it makes you think about what’s important. :-) Thank you!