Little Ones

Just thought I’d post a pic or three of a few of the children in my life right now. :) There is quite the collection of children here at ALERT. It is so nice and they are so precious!

For my birthday, Catherine, Chris, Savannah, Melanie, and I went to Pasada’s for dinner. We had a great time! Little Savannie has discovered how nice it is to drink from a cup. Can be a tad tricky for the adult trying to drink out of the cup to have tiny hands going for it at the same time. :) But Savannie is learning :)


Yup! I think our girl will like Mexican :) …..


At the Herring’s on Thursday night. The Herring crew is such fun to stay with! Love ’em to bits!


Me: “William! What happened to your nose??”

William: “Ask THOMAS that.” :)


Welp, it’s Saturday here in Big Sandy, TX and I, for one, am thoroughly enjoying it! I was ready for a quiet day! I have things to do, but just doing them in the stillness of my own room with nice music playing and quietness is JUST RIGHT for today! Ah…God is good!

Have a lovely day, my friends!

2 Responses

  1. Mellie-Malloo Says:

    SUCH fun pictures!!! I love these people!!!!

  2. ecperkins Says:

    Thanks for the pictures! There’s something about pictures
    that’s soooo satisfying.
    Love ya,Mom