Never know WHAT you’ll find…

So the other day – or other WEEK :) – we went to the rodeo. I believe it was as I sat there in the stands that I discovered that during the Big Sandy Children’s Institute my camera had been hijacked by a mysterious person. The evidence provided proof beyond doubt…..See for yourself…..


MmmHmm…..Now YOU don’t doubt it either, do you?

World, meet Andrew, my CI “boss”. :) (Who, I doubt, never imagined that his self-portraits would make it to my blog) :)

Y’all have a lovely day. :-D

4 Responses

  1. Mellie-Malloo Says:

    WHOAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! Wow. LOL!!!!!!!!!! That is AMAZING!! I’m proud of you for posting this, Perks. I mean, what else would be the fitting recourse for camera hijacking?? :-D

  2. Katie Says:

    hehe… you got him GOOD! :-) Go Sarah!!!

  3. Andrew Says:

    Sarah – you are awesome!!!! I totally forgot about that, but that is incredible. Next time you shouldn’t leave your camera sitting around for just anyone to use ;-)

  4. Perky Says:

    hee hee :-)