Words can get us in trouble, and sometimes be hard to put together, and sometimes they don’t communicate enough. But WOW…They sure do come in handy :-)

I have been back home in lovely South Louisiana this weekend. You know, I love this place…The grand oak trees draped with Spanish Moss, fields that stretch out flat and far, little towns along the way with French names (Ville Platte, Grand Coteau, Boutte, Breaux Bridge…). The fact that in every other state, everyone else in the country lives in counties – but here we live in parishes. Yes…I love calling South Louisiana “home”.

We had a family reunion on Saturday – and were all treated to a crawfish boil at my uncle’s home. It’s gonna be a new family tradition. :) I brought my camera and documented the occasion for y’all. But alas, I have left my camera cord in Big Sandy. SO – you’ll have to enjoy the delight of “anticipation” for awhile :) I know y’all are “chomping at the bit” for that post ;)

Tomorrow afternoon, I fly to Nashville for the Children’s Institute at the Regional ATI Conference. That’ll be fun :) Your prayers are GREATLY appreciated. I’m feeling pretty tuckered out – and haven’t even gotten there yet. One thing I know, the Lord’s grace is sufficient. Father always gives His strength. Now unto Him…

So, my friends, here is my prayer for you…..

May you be found in Christ. May He be your best thought. May you delight to do His will. May you know, Know, KNOW and trust in the very depths of your heart that He is FAITHFUL and SOVEREIGN and GOOD – even when things seem crazy, or lonely, or when you don’t see how things will turn out. May you KNOW and REST.

And when all is said and done, when you lay your head down to sleep tonight, and when you stand before Him in glory, may His words be “Well done.”

Live for eternity my friends. We are just passing through this place – yet it matters so much. Remember, God never asks anything of us that He doesn’t give us SO MUCH more in return.

Love y’all!

4 Responses

  1. Katie Says:

    Wow, what refreshing thoughts. I’m embracing them…. and yes, His grace is sufficient, and He will give us the strength to press on, and remember-He’s already lived this week before us. He knows the in’s and the out’s, the up’s and the down’s, and He’s chosen us to live it out! You and me, me and you, both of us together! (Sorry… Micah has been singing that phrase for days… :-P) Anywho, thanks for your post… it was encouraging to read. Now, I am off to go start packing! :)

  2. Mellie-Malloo Says:

    Big Sandy is great, but I like your South Louisiana home too…I’ll be praying for you for SURE! Miss ya tons!!

  3. Mom perkins Says:

    Hi, my Baby! ( I can call you that because I’m the Mama! )

    Great to see ya !

    Love Ya , Mom

  4. Perky Says:

    AW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HI MOM!!!!!!!! I love you too! You can call me BABY anytime you want! Some things NEVER change when its you and your mom. INCLUDING sitting on your mom’s lap (even if you ARE bigger than her) :-D hee hee

    HUGS for you and dad!!!!!!!!!!