Yes, Yes, I did it.

Notice to all interested people: I just managed to make it all the way from the kitchen, across the house, upstairs to my bedroom, and over to my desk without spilling my coffee – not even one rogue sploosh. Thank you very much ;)

On another note – though it is still to the tune of coffee – My dear brother-in-law has an interesting theory. His theory is that coffee always tastes better when made for you by someone else. For example, his mom would brew a pot of coffee in his house and it would be delicious. Chris would make a pot of joe in exactly the same way his mom had done it and it wasn’t good.

Here’s another example: I am in LA right now (I head to Big Sandy in the morning). After a crazy busy few days, I was SO grateful to sleep in this morning. Well, around 10 am I fixed the aforementioned cup of coffee. My mom brewed the pot at like 7:30ish this morning and had left the pot on for me. The coffee is delicious even though it sat there in the pot for 2 hours. What is the key, you ask? Answer: My mom made it for me.

I think Chris is onto something here. It could be called the “Theory of Coffee Given with a Spoonful of Love”

I am a believer. :) That’s my brother-in-law, the scientist!!!!! :)


4 Responses

  1. Kevin Says:

    Yeah I’d have to agree with that theory. Same thing goes with cookies too. Like when I made Mom’s peanut butter cookies….they just didn’t turn out the same as hers. Even if it was the same recipe. And even if I did but in three table spoons of baking powder instead of three tea spoons. It’s just not the same. :-)

  2. Christy Says:

    Hey Sarah! It was such fun to catch up a bit in Big Sandy! I think I’ll be back.
    Thanks for being a blessing!
    Take care,

  3. eperkins Says:

    Hey Sarah, So good to see you this past week!
    Love the Baby! Mom

  4. Sarugee Says:

    AW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you too MOM!!!!!!!!!!! Miss you!!!!! HUG!!!

    Been so busy and full in the evenings this week – looking forward to getting some rest and having “normal” hours. What is “Normal”?

    Love you, Momma!