See what I mean???

Why MARRIED SISTERS should never be allowed to give birthday presents to SINGLE ONES:


:) Actually, I have the bestest sister and brother-in-law in the world. They can give me presents any day, any time, for any reason. :)

16 Responses

  1. Kevin Says:

    That’s what you got for your birthday!?!? Man alive.

  2. Perky Says:


    But I got hot chocolate, notecards, and biscotti too. :) That just made the biggest impression!

    Some people’s family!…..I sure love ’em!

  3. Melony Balony Says:

    Hee heee…

  4. Lizzy Says:

    *snicker* *giggle* :-)

  5. Josh Wychopen Says:

    I have been looking for a cup of coffee around ALERT for like 2 weeks. I still cannot find a good cup. Seriously. I finally made one at our little kitchen at the office this morning and it was terrible! Probably the worst cup I have ever had. Plus I forgot my coffee cups, (bringing tears to my eyes thinking about it… :) each one has special meaning) so that is really bad. So I had to use a second rate cup too.

    The guy down the hall from me previously worked at Starbucks so he is going to start making me lattes on his little machine. :)

    Finally a good cup, I cannot wait! Sarah we have to do something about this when you come! We need to transform the entire campus to avid coffee drinkers! It is my goal! We’ll see what happens. :)

  6. Sarah Says:

    Thanks for the head’s up, J! I will come prepared! (packing one electric tea kettle, GF international coffee, and nescafe from Southeast Asia) :-) Eventually, my espresso machine may make it up there too.

    BTW, my mom makes the best coffee in the world!! Sure, Starbucks is great for mochas, lattes, and frapps – But as for just a regular cup’a’joe – MY vote is for my MOM!

  7. Your Sis Says:

    BTW, if any of you would like to own an inspirational mug like the one pictured above, you can visit ALERT Books and Gifts in the fabulous metropolis of Big Sandy, Texas!

  8. Your Sis Says:

    Oh yes, and if you’d like you can get really big black combat boots and a utility belt at the ERO store down the sidewalk. These would match your mug very nicely.

  9. the Bucket Says:

    Well, I smelled coffee this morning here in my office, but NOBODY offered me any!?!?!? What’s up with that “J”????? :-)

    the Bucket

  10. Perky Says:

    Nice Promo, Cat!!!!!! You should make commission on all mug sales from here on out!

    And, Chris, being that Josh said it may have been the worst cup’a’joe he’s ever had, you should probably be glad for the delicious aroma and that you didn’t have to TASTE the actual substance :-) You know, one of those “courtesy consumptions”. IE: “Wow, Joshua, your coffee is…uh…THICK.” ;)

  11. Kevin Says:

    Chris is the bucket?

  12. Sarah Says:

    Yep! Full title is “What’s His Bucket”, but “Bucket” for short ;)

  13. the Bucket Says:

    No comments from the peanut gallery, Thomas… :-)

  14. Josh Wychopen Says:

    Bad coffee is a relative term. :)

    This coffee really isn’t that bad in comparison. It is a lot better than nothing. :)

  15. Rachel Says:

    Bad coffee is always tragic. Good luck in your search!!!!! :-)

  16. Kevin Says:

    What?! No comments?? Stink! That could have been fun :-P