Wouldn’t it be nice to have long arms?

I mean like r-e-a-l-l-y, REALLY long arms…..So long that you could reach across WHOLE states to hug a sister or a friend whenever you get the gumption.

I have one thing to say, “Go-Go Gadget Perky Arms!!!!!!” ;)

I love y’all!


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  1. Kevin Says:

    Go-Go Gadget arms would be awesome! Not only hugs, but no more post office. You could just hand deliver everything. And then for the non-friends. It would be so easy to ring someone’s neck. ;-)

  2. Perky Says:

    Kevin, I LIKE the way your brain works!!! I say that more for the hand delivery thought than the possibility of neck-ringing – BUT HEY – whatever flips your boat! ;)

  3. nikolai Says:

    hmm, would you have to wind them back in like fishing line?

  4. Melony Balony Says:

    Aww. Thanks my dear, Perky. That was just what I needed. *HUG*

  5. nikolai Says:

    are you on west coast time??

  6. Melony Balony Says:

    SARAH ELIZABETH PERKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST GOT THE MOST ADORABLE CARD IN THE MAIL FROM YOU!!!!!! My socks were blown SO FAR OFF…that I’m sure Nik must have seen them go flying by!!!!!!!!! Now you have absolutely chased away my grumps. I love ya!

  7. Perky Says:

    Must be, Niko ~ its been putting the time behind like that :-P I am so PROUD of you for commenting here! YAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah – it occurred to me how awkward storage would be for arms like that – but I think the benefits outway the obstacles :) :) :)

    *hug* for Mel! Love you!

  8. Perky Says:

    THREE CHEERS FOR GRUMPY CHASERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Josh Wychopen Says:

    Hugs are great! I could use one tonight. :)

  10. Kevin Says:

    Hey I just had a thought. Wouldn’t Go-Go gadget legs be better? Then you could just step over there and give them a real hug instead of a long distance hug, and it would still be just as easy. Oh well, just a thought

  11. Perky Says:

    Go Go Gadget Legs!!?? I’d love to see those high-waters!!! LOL!!!!

    But – again – the benefits definitely outway the negatives!! I like your brain. Yes…..Go-Go gadget legs WOULD be better! :)

  12. Josh Wychopen Says:

    Some one needs a go-go gadget brain instead. :)

  13. Perky Says:

    KEVIN AND I ARE OFFENDED!!!! [Aren’t we, Kevin?]


  14. Perky Says:


  15. nikolai Says:

    I’m curious if go-go-gadget legs could also be made small enough to fit in the compact areas that commercial airlines allow per passenger?

    ‘course who would need commercial airlines anymore??

    …all that would be flying ’round would be the knocked off socks! ;-)

  16. Kevin Says:

    YES I’M OFFENDED!! Josh I can’t believe you said that! sheesh. I think someone needs a go-go gadget tongue to do some apologizing with ;-)

    I thought “Go-Go gadget” meant that they were retractable? I could be wrong on that.

  17. Kevin Says:

    Is that Nik Payne?

  18. Perky Says:

    It is Nik Payne! How do y’all know each other? :-)

  19. Kevin Says:

    Uh. He was on one of Matthew’s cadet teams in Michigan. I’ve met him at Knoxville a few times. Matthew knows him better than I do.

  20. Perky Says:

    Ah, cool! It’s a small world! :-)

    As for Josh, on further consideration ;) ….. Little brothers are given special teasing privileges, right? So, J, no apology necessary on my part :-) You might have to send Kevin an e-card though! :)

  21. Josh Wychopen Says:

    You’re right, thanks Perky! I have a tendency to stick my big go-go gadget foot in my mouth a lot. It’s part of my whole personality/dry humor sort of thingy ish. eh hem :)

    Anything for a laugh?


  22. Perky Says:

    It worked, J!!! I smiled heartily today between you and Kevin and Niko! Y’all are great! :) Thanks, guys!

    BTW, Niko, about the commercial airline problem – I know it’s a struggle to find a place for long legs on those int’l flights! They do that to make you grateful for layovers. ;)

  23. Kevin Says:

    No. No e-card nessecary. Just some good natured pickin going on. :-P

  24. Josh Wychopen Says:

    Hey, that almost sounds like something eatable. “Natured Pickin” ;)

  25. Kevin Says:

    Yeah it goes good with the “wild critter and chaw chaw” (whatever that is) :-P

  26. Lizzy Says:

    Go-Go gadget legs………..I like it!!!!!!! Could we also have cute Go-Go gadget bags to carry all our Go-Go gadget things in??? Like brown and turquoise….and maybe pink and lime green for Mel with polka dots of course……what do ya think???
    We could totally market this stuff….I can hear it now…..BUT WAIT!!! THERE’S MORE!!!!!!!!!!! Call in the next 15 minutes and we’ll include our all new Go-Go gadget carrier for a mere $10.95!!!!
    Wow, we should get on this!!!! :-)

  27. Josh Wychopen Says:

    No one ever buys anything that has, “But wait there’s more” or “Call in the next…” in the advertising slogan. At least anyone that has half a brain in their head. :) Ask yourself this question, is that the target audience I want to advertise to? Get rid of the QVC mentality, and take the starbucks approach…high price…decent product…and all about the image. :)

    The best way to make a fortune with these bags is go main stream, create a commerce site, and advertise using direct marketing. Get them to want it and then get a commitment. You will need a call center, a knowledgeable sales staff, and excellent customer care.

    I would use the slogan, “go-go bags for the go-go world”. They’re everywhere you want to be. Later you could then break out into, “Go-go backpacking” and come out with a whole line of go-go backpacks. You could do back to school promos as well as summer vacation backpacking options.

    Just some advise from the marketing man in the family. :)

  28. Melony Balony Says:

    I WANT IT!!!! The GREEN ONE with PINK POLKA DOTS!!! But wait…there MUST be more…surely it comes with a go-go wallet??

  29. Perky Says:

    And, Mel, it will consume all of your go-go CASH! I am so sorry to disappoint :(

  30. Melony Balony Says:

    YES, cause it’s the high price, good quality one, right?

  31. Perky Says:

    OK – Erin and Joshua – Y’all are hysterical! A person could totally figure out your personalities and brain types just by reading those comments! I love it! LOL! The two of you are like – peanut butter and jelly! macaroni and cheese! chips and salsa! :) You go great together!

    Note to self: Don’t analyze people or draw analogies after 1 AM.

  32. Kevin Says:

    Sarah must be hungry.

  33. Melony Balony Says:

    She SAYS SHE IS!!!!!!! *I’m on the phone with her!!!* She says that right now, she would like to eat….anything…EVEN WILD CRITTER AND CHAW CHAW!!!!

  34. Perky Says:

    YES! I am hungry! Dear, dear me….

    And I WILL eat wild critter and chaw-chaw! As long as a cow is considered a wild critter and “chaw-chaw” is a fancy word for potatoes! :P

  35. Melony Balony Says:

    OK…Just for you Kevin and Sarah, I went BACK to the site I originally found when I commented about Chaw chaw first. Here you go:

    Chaw Chaw
    One gallon of green tomatoes, one pint of sugar, one fourth cup chopped horse radish, one teaspoon of ground cloves, same of allspice, two teaspoons of ground black pepper, three heads celery cut in inch pieces, twelve good sized onions, add one small cup of salt to the chopped tomatoes, and let stand over night. In the morning press out all the juice and add the ingredients with enough good vinegar to cover, boil all till tender and put away for winter use.
    Anna B. Robison

    Go for it Perky!!!! ;-D

  36. Melony Balony Says:

    Know what??? That sounds remarkably like our TONIC!!!

  37. Perky Says:

    Miss Melanie Ann Bogner!

    “Put away for winter use” sounds like a good idea to me……Winter of 2056!

    I think instead of wild critter and chaw-chaw – I’ll have… uh…..

    Anybody got a box of Cheez-Its???

  38. Kevin Says:

    I love cheez-its! I’ll go for that.

    Melanie, I’ve lived in Arkansas virtually all my life. I’ve never ever ever, in my vast experience with church potlucks all over this grand and glorious state, heard or seen or smelled anything that ever resembled that.

  39. Melony Balony Says:

    Well, Mr. Never-ever-ever, you should be more up on your Arkansas culture!!!

    That recipe is from:
    Rodgers, Arkansas Historical Museum
    Cumberland Presbyterian Ladies Cook Book

  40. Kevin Says:

    Oh ok. No wonder. I’ve only been to one Presbyterian church and that was in Dallas. And I don’t think it was Cumberland Pres either. I bet that stuff is mentioned in their church covanent or something.

  41. Lizzy Says:

    LOL Ok, ok, since everyone is hungry and we miss each other on top of everything else, I think we should have a BBQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like maybe a company picnic for Go-Go Gadget Inc.!!!!!!!! At Perky’s house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next weekend!!!!!!!!! What do y’all say?????? :-) If I don’t sit here and eat all my jelly beans I’ll bring those to the picnic too!!!!
    AND if we’re seriously about the Go-Go Gadget stuff there should be Go-Go Gadget cutesy socks, like a variety knee socks that are striped and fun colors, Oooo and they should have fuzzy stuff on them somewhere!!!!

  42. Melony Balony Says:

    ROFL!!! FUZZY STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!! ;) Oh my soul. You are WAY too funny, Lizzy my dear!

  43. Perky Says:

    I’m with Lizzy on this one…Let’s get together. :) My home is your home :)

    And Erin, you can bring all the fuzzy slippers, socks, purses, hair do-dads, and – of course – pillows that you want!

    Josh, come equipped with your advertising/marketing/positive sales pitch ideas – but most of all, just bring the Josh that we like so much.

    Kevin, bring wild critters and chaw-chaw to your heart’s content – or to Melanie’s heart’s content. And while you’re on the way down, would you mind picking up Chris and Catherine. I miss ’em.

    Mel…Mel…Dear Mel…If YOU COME, you will be loved to bits (you already are) AND Erin will give you TWO Go-Go-Gadget wallets (if she can convince Josh that it’s a good strategy).

    Oh, and having dear Beth with us is a must. After all, SOMEBODY would have to keep this crew in line ;-)

    Niko, you can come too!!!! Though I know you’re leaving soon. Make sure to take a picture on that flight to Romania of the small seating space allotment. That way we can plan properly for leg storage.

    Y’all are precious!!!!