Like a Child….

I think I have discovered a kindred spirit….. :D

The Society of Childlike Grownups:

There is a quote that says something like: “You cease to be a child when you cease to be fascinated.”


May I always be fascinated…blown away by evidences of God’s Glory…astonished at His creation…and thrilled by simple things that reveal a touch of my Lord. May it be the same with you………


4 Responses

  1. Your Sis Says:

    I love you! I love you! I love you! And if Mel is reading this comment with you tell her that I love her too :) I hope y’all are having a BLAST together!

  2. Perky Says:

    I love you too, Catherine! It IS sooooooooo good – SO GOOD – being here. I love Bogners :-)

    Now to tackle work….I am optimistic, hopeful, and know that it HAS to be the LORD!

    Here’s the world’s HUGEST HUG for you, the bucket, and little O. :)

  3. Melony Balony Says:

    Thanks for calling Catherine!!! That was SOOOO much fun to chat with you!! Your sis is a MAJOR blessing–just so you know…

    That’s a very cute post, Perky!! I love the picture of little Sarah!! It is so great to be reminded to be fascinated by the Lord EVERY moment!!

  4. Lisa Thibeau Says:

    Are you an aunt yet? When is Cathrine due? And most important is will you be @ the party on the 21st?