Jul 15

So. THIS is what happens when you leave Melanie B. and Erin W. alone in your office with a bazillion innocent balloons (which were left for me in my office so sweetly by my dear friend Josh!) :-D Wowsers, I love those folks!!!!

Click on the image and you should be able to read some of their SWEET, THOUGHTFUL notes which range from “*hugs*” to “Boo’s” to marriage proposals :-D hehe


Jun 25

And a dear friend to enjoy it with. Here’s me and Mel on the dock at ALERT’s Lake Loma…

Mel\'s and my reflection in Lake Loma

Anybody else wanna come sit for a while??? :)

Jun 20
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A couple of weeks ago, Dan Sterrett and I led a group of STEP ladies on a “Stress Hike”. This is an easy hike (2-3 hrs) made complicated by adding stresses throughout the journey. Stresses? We throw in “broken legs” and “blindness” which force the girls to work together as a team, to give of their own strength to support a needy friend, to humble themselves and receive help, and to have endurance despite unexpected obstacles. Here are some pics for you! (Click on them to see larger versions and captions – THANKS for all the work on the site, Josh!!)

STEP ladies on a \

How much \


Dan Sterrett, our fearless hike leader

A not so lovely pic of ME :) No stress for me on this stress hike :) Its fun leading - hehe :)

No stress. :)

“Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God,

that he may exalt you in due time:

Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.”

I Peter 5:6,7

Apr 12


Took this picture at about this time last year . . . at home . . . in our backyard . . . I think it was just a week or so before I left for Texas.


And home is just as lovely a place now – in sight and in heart.

There’s no place like it! And today found me back at home for just a quick weekend. And today, the hammock was just as comfy :)

Let’s celebrate being home and the season of Spring with a lovely green theme! (thanks to JW) :)

Feb 24

Just because I think that, at my house, we have one of the COZIEST kitchens in the world…. :)




And these are blooming just outside the kitchen…lovely even at night :) …


There is no place like HOME HOME. **sigh**

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