Dec 5
Our Little Ones!
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Ok…. so… 3 month olds MUST be the CUTEST things in the entire world. Well… 3 month olds and their 21 month old brothers :) :) :)

May 16
1…2…3… :)
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Its not every day – or should I say every YEAR – that you can capture a picture of 3 cousins all together and their ages line up so “numerically” and shall I add “sweetly”. :) >insert happy sigh<

Without much ado, here are Israel, Caleb, and Savannah at ages 1, 2, and 3. Quite the challenge to get everyone looking at the same time! :-D But I guess that’s all part of the delight of BEING 1, 2, and 3 all together! :)

At this age, it’s the THOUGHT THAT COUNTS!!!! I love it! And we all love these little ones!

May 10
Israel has an ANNOUNCEMENT
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……. and he and his parents are VERY excited about it!!!!! Here goes….

Yep! Israel is a big brother! Our baby girl is about 22 weeks along and due to arrive in September! We are all delighted! The Lord has shown Himself good, Good, GOOD. We are amazed!

Here is a little video of what Israel thinks about having a little sister…..

Gonna have a SISTER!

Praising God,

Greg, Sarah, Israel, and Baby Girl Mandreger :)

Mar 5
Nana and Pawpaw are coming….
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Yep, next week Israel’s Nana and Pawpaw are coming to visit! SO exciting! THIS is what Israel thinks of that news…….

**Wowsers, we love our boy!**

Here are a few more of our growing cowboy… He’ll be ONE YR OLD next week!

On the front of his papa’s truck!….

Mar 2
icon2 Life and Times | icon4 March 2nd, 2011| icon3Comments Off on Nehemiah?

So this morning I was out sweeping the deck – making it a safer, cleaner place for baby. I expected Israel to crawl out the door and follow me onto the deck – but he didn’t. I rounded the back door and there was Israel sucking on a dog bone! I took it away and scooped him up……. and then decided I needed a picture first :) :) So gave the bone back and sat him back in his spot :) :) :)

It’s like Nehemiah – Cup-bearer to the King…. EXCEPT….

This is Israel – Bone-tester of the Guard-dog :)

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