Letter from a Friend…

“I don’t know what has you down today, my friend,
but I just had a thought that I hope might encourage you:

Keep in mind, my dearest Sarah, that our enemy does NOT want this to be a victorious day for you. Our foe will do everything he can to discourage, and defeat you, period. No, having a “good” day shouldn’t be easy—especially coming off such a week that we have had. Last week, the enemy lost big. I have no doubt that he wants to change that around for this week. This truly is a battle. We can’t think of each day as a regular day, but as an opportunity to reclaim ground for Christ. Sarah, God has given you an optimism, LOVE and joy that very few people have. Rejoice that you have a day to fight for Christ. Fight hard, claim truth, and win the victory for today through Christ alone. Put on HIS armor—your flesh WILL fail you. And when today is over, even if you don’t FEEL victorious, then give that day to the Lord, and prepare to fight for tomorrow. I’m fighting with you, I’m praying for you, and so are so MANY that love you and support you on all sides.

I love ya,

Thank You, Father…for the gift of a friend. I pray that You would use these words, sent to me, to encourage others as well. Be exalted, oh God, in all the earth – and may it start in my heart…

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