All through the BLOOD.

I’m back home! Nashville was great – lots of lessons, lots of giggles, lots of grace….Wowsers,we laughed a LOT! :-) I want to post pics for y’all. Maybe later tonight. Probably not. I am home with Mom and Dad. Tomorrow, I head back to Big Sandy. SO – I need to spend a majority of my time snuggling with my mother :-D


These words are so lovely…the first part of the chorus was a real encouragement to me:


May He be the strength of your heart! Remember, He ALWAYS gives sufficient grace. ALWAYS.

6 Responses

  1. Mellie-Malloo Says:

    YAY!!! You’re HOME!! Thanks for being my near-and-far-here-and-there-always-listening-friend. I love ya!!

  2. Erin Says:

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good to hear my Perky’s voice on the phone tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss ya and could use a Perky hug right about now……….Mellie could too……….she said so…. :-) Love you Sarah!!!!!!!!! :-)

  3. Josh Wychopen Says:

    Ahh Perky, before I read this post I was singing that song as I climbed in to bed last night. What a blessing! I miss you! It is good to see you back! I hope that we can get together at some point and just hang out…to bad it couldn’t be the whole gang! We will have to do that at some point. :) See you around!


  4. Catherine Says:

    I’m so glad your back!!! I missed you so much… you are such a blessing and encouragement to me. I love you! I love you!

    Thanks for the beautiful song too…I needed that!

  5. Perky Says:

    You guys are the BEST-EST! I am SO GRATEFUL to the Lord for blessing me with you all! You know what a “blessing” is – don’t you? It is a thoughtful gift from a loving God to a cherished (by Him) me. *happy sigh*

  6. Nicole Says:

    What a site! It’s….gorgeous!
    I was just listening to that song today.
    God is so, so, so good.

    Today He has proven that again and again.
    So much better than we can ever deserve.
    I love you!