21 Days: Countin’ Down & Catchin’ Up!

Just 21 days until Wedding Day! Greg and I are both excited, praising Jesus, and have perfect peace! Everywhere we turn, we see the Hand of the Lord! HE is Author and Finisher! Praise Him!

It is so exciting to be seeing details coming together! These are wonderful days!

Just 21 days – 3 weeks from now – I’ll be Mrs. Greg Mandreger. What a thought!!! :)

Now for the catchin’ up! I believe it’s high time that I post an update! So here’s a random mix of happenings from the last 5 months or so :) :) :) Hmmm….Maybe I’ll do this in a collection of posts rather than one….. Yeah, I will!

Here’s a picture of Greg and I at our wedding ceremony site – out in God’s Cathedral :) This was just a few weeks ago…


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