Only through the cross…

“…Before setting to work for God and to fight against the devil,

first calculate your forces;

and if you consider yourself well enough equipped to begin

you are a fool,

because the tower to be built costs an outrageous price,

and the enemy coming out to meet you is an angel

before whom you are of no account.

Get to know yourself so well,

that you cannot contemplate yourself without flinching;

then there will be room for HOPE.

Only in the sure knowledge that you are obliged

to do the impossible in Him who strengthens you

are you ready for a task which can be performed

only through the cross.”

3 Responses

  1. AM Says:

    I like that.

  2. Mellie-Malloo Says:

    I like that, Sarah. It actually brings the CMT conference to mind every time I read it. It’s a great reminder that I need His armor, and that my impossible tasks are possible through Him. Thanks, my friend!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!

    Oh, and A.M., I hope you’re getting some sleep. :-)

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    Just stumbled across your blog… I hope you don’t mind if I subscribe? I love the way you write… Seeing the pictures from Big Sandy made me homesick for my CI days… I wish I’d been there so I could come home and tell my class the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and learning how to fly… I try to remember as many of the old stories as possible and my class loves them, but I’m always looking for new ideas…