So many reasons to praise….

…Two of them being family and sunsets.

I was upstairs working on Daisy (my laptop) just about 25 minutes ago, when my parents called me. Nothing “important” – just something spectactular! :) They wanted me to see a sunset. And – WOW – was it ever GORGEOUS!!!!. Having rained off and on today, our yard was washed and fresh. The quickly fading sunset was BRILLIANT as it burst around and over and through the trees and splashed all over our yard!!!

The pictures do no justice. Still….enjoy my cutie-patootie parents and a glimpse into our backyard :) …



Lord, I thank You. <3

4 Responses

  1. Kevin Says:

    Cutie-patootie? That’s got to be original.

    I love sunsets. They’re a lot easier to see than sun rises.

  2. Melony Balony Says:

    I miss you, and I miss your parents, and I miss your Sis, the Bucket and little “o”…….

    …and I LOVE the sunset picture!! :)

    Give Catherini Tortellini (and little “o”) and Chris a HUGE hug for me tomorrow, ok??????????????????????????????????????

    You are ALL definite reasons to praise Jesus!!! Wow!!

  3. Melony Balony Says:

    P.S. I miss you MORE today. So there.

  4. Malloo's Sister, Sarah Says:

    I miss you too x a million bazillion SQUARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thought: We talked yesterday BEFORE church, BEFORE lunch, and BEFORE choir, exchanged “roses and daises” via text messages at dark-thirty [it’s a tradition], AND I talked to you at 7:30 this morning, plus I have 3 voicemail messages from you that I haven’t even listened to yet! AND STILL – I miss you. Gorsh.

    Dear, dear me. Dear, dear you. Having you as my friend, I know I am wealthy. *HUG* *SQUISH* *SQUEEEEEEZE*