“A good friend is cheaper than therapy.” :-)

Welp, I’ve been here at the Bogner’s home for a week now…and tomorrow I head for home. It takes an awfully special family to take a gal in on the spur of the moment and keep her under their roof for 8 nights with no definite time of departure. :) I’ll just say it right out – the Bogner’s are pretty special people!!!! They have welcomed me into their home and treated me like family. Spending the last week here has been more than just a treat…It has been a gift from my Father! Words are not enough……..

Mel and I have worked (her on school and other projects and me on curriculum). We have talked (though MAYBE less than when we are in separate states – a conversation with a true friend requires no words :) Also while here, I’ve gotten to spend time with so many other dear people. I guess I shouldn’t attempt a review…..OH! WHY NOT!!!! Here goes nothing….I have enjoyed……

Park-walking, post-patting, sprinkler-running, turnover-making, movie-watching, hair-koolaiding, late-night-chatting, airplane-flying, goofiness-partaking, Beth-tickling, dark-chocolate-consuming, starbucks-raiding, sunshine-enjoying, and the list goes on and on and on and………..

Anyways today was a lovely day! Melanie and I headed out to the park where we enjoyed the bright warm sunshine while painting toenails, and reading aloud….. It was so nice….. Nails came out cute….. Story was interesting……But the being together part was priceless. :)


“Friendship isn’t a big thing – it’s a million little things.” ~Author Unknown


Y’all….we serve an awesome God. He really does think more thoughts of us than there is sand on the shore…

Glad to be HIS and grateful for YOU,


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  1. Your Sis Says:

    Aw! Such sweet memory-making! Reminds me of the fun times with y’all – northwoods, River Ranch, fishing with Wilma… :) I love you both!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Patooties Says:


  3. Melony Balony Says:

    Awww, Cat!!! I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love all those memories too…and I can’t wait to make MORE with y’all!! I am SO blessed by the friendship of two amazing sisters!
    LOVE YOU!!!

  4. Melony Balony Says:

    OH, and my dear Perky…I have been SO BUMMED all day. Even before you left I was bummed. You could probably tell that. Anyway, I’ve missed you ALL DAY, and even now we have company here, but my room is SOOOOO empty (even if it IS still a mess). Work hard and come back soon!!! =o)

  5. Perky Says:

    DEAR DEAR MALLOO! I wondered if you were bummed – “departing days” are always hard. I hope you know that if it were totally up to me I could’ve stayed till the year 2078. :-(

    You being there and my being here means more to anticipate till we once again take Houston by STORM! :-) God bless your parents :-)