In honor of Nik!

This post is dedicated to my dear friend, Nik…

I would like to give fair warning to all Americans to expect a drop in the economy over the next few months. You see, Nik is heading out to Romania later this week. And being that he is the primary supporter of the American economy as it relates to root beer – we can expect to see a change in the stockmarket. ;)


[Took this pic just for you, Nik…you can print it and hang it in your room in RO. :D ]

Be encouraged though, friends, he’ll be back! [at which time you’ll notice a sudden surge in the root beer based economy]. ;)

And Nik! Here’s to you a slightly advanced HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hard to believe you were only 15 when we met years ago! Wow – time flies! This is gonna be an awesome year – it has to be – you serve an awesome God! I hope somebody gets you some root beer for the big day! If they don’t, there’s always the lip balm ;)

Have a tremendous, memorable, great, dynamic time, Niko! Go change your world! :)


*if only I’d had a pic of you holding my head under that kitchen faucet *sigh* …… ;)

5 Responses

  1. Kevin Says:

    Have a good trip, Nik! Come back in at least one piece.

    Sarah, thanks for the signature comment. I like it too :-)

  2. nikolai Says:

    whoa… flattering to say the least… thanks perky! ;-)

  3. Perky Says:

    Here’s an add-on, Niko…..titled….


    1. Never start a battle that you are not prepared to finish.
    2. Never carry on old battles, always start new ones.
    3. Never pull a guy’s tie.
    4. Root beer can fix almost anything.
    5. When it comes to crowd control, Nik wins. Accept the fact now – and then enjoy the ride :)

    And there are probably a million more!

  4. Melony Balony Says:


    I’ll try to drink more root beer while you’re gone…though, I think we’d better prepare for the Great Depression of 2007.

    Travel safe over there…I’ll be praying that God does AMAZING work through you!!

  5. Laura Says:

    Happy Birthday, Nik!! Have a great trip to RO.