My God


My God is a God of the impossible. He’s a God Who can do anything He allows Himself to do. The mountains move, the seas divide to show that He is on my side. I know that His promises are true. Yes! He can make things possible for you!

My God is a God Who can do miracles and He’s in control of everything that I can or cannot see. He loves to show His mighty power in every day and every hour. My life speaks of His ability. Yes! He has worked a miracle in me!”

God of the Impossible, Music of the Children’s Institute

3 Responses

  1. Josh Wychopen Says:

    I love to think of that often.

  2. Your Sis Says:

    Little “O” loves this song! I sang it to him right from your blog, and he liked it SOOOO much that I think I’ll sing it to him all day!

  3. Patooties Says:

    I think that is an EXCELLENT idea!!!!! Tell him that it is one of his Aunt Sarah’s FAVORITES!!!

    You know – I don’t think that it’s a coincidence that the Lord allows the first nine months of our lives to be in a continuous hug! *sigh*

    I love you Catherine! See ya FRIDAY! :)